On This Day – 4 Shevat

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for January 20, 2018, 4 Shevat. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes.

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  1. Michael Zlab says:

    Bill…. This is really good man… What spurned your thoughts to this? Just curious? Simple but deep, And outside the normal scope of preponderance…

    Thank you!

    Michael Zlab

  2. Melissa Coles says:

    I second Michael’s sentiment. I am new (about a year in) to the Hebrew roots of my faith and when I didn’t get the enthusiastic response I was expecting from my friends and my pastor, my first inclination was to “get a bigger hammer” so to speak because I so badly wanted them to know the life, the joy and the truth that I had found.
    This time last year I sat, in tears at my best friend’s house while her pastor counseled me that I was getting sucked into seventh day adventistism and that the law was dead. In fact, he told me, Jesus broke the sabbath to prove that he was Lord of the sabbath. I remember feeling so angry that one who calls himself a shepherd could be so irresponsible as to preach a word that he hadn’t taken the time to “know”.
    Two things I felt like Abba spoke to my heart when he directed me to this path were 1) you didn’t know any of this 5 minutes ago either, so keep quiet, learn and I will tell you when to speak.
    2) these are my children. What does it benefit the kingdom if you attain knowledge that isn’t tempered with love? (Your FLASHLIGHT message REALLY hit home on that one!)
    So as the Christmas season came and went this year and I saw the myriad of FB posts condemning the pagan, Yahweh-hating, tree-worshipping American Christians, I kept my opinions to myself and chose not to spread the hate. Yahweh has protected me from my own big mouth & my unrestrained use of flashlights and Chinese water torture to sway others to see my point of view. And today a most amazing thing happened..that same friend whose couch I cried on last christmas, shared her heart with me about some of the emptiness she feels in her faith. I got to share some of what I have learned this past year. I got to plant some seeds in her mind. Now, I will busy myself praying that in His time, Abba will call them to sprout!
    Thank you for being so honest and real…for speaking the truth…I listen to your teachings every day and they are such a blessing to me!

    • Bill says:

      Melissa; Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I understand all those emotions, believe me, and I’m encouraged to hear what the Father has brought you through and is speaking to you. I’m blessed to know that these messages are being a blessing to you. Stay strong and shalom.

  3. Sheila Girard says:

    Bill, this word could not have been more timely. Our Father is changing seasons for my life and frankly, I needed the reminder to help me walk through the process in a way that brings glory to Him and Shalom in my heart. Thank You!

  4. Wendy Rude says:

    Blessings Bill!
    I have desired to know more about the Hebrew Roots of my faith for about 2 years now. Your message today helped me a lot, but Yeshua needs to form my walk on Christmas. I really appreciated the above post regarding Melissa’s struggle. I want so much to be close to HIM and the truth of His word. I am still working through this. I am struggling with the Christian Christmas and Easter pagan roots.
    Your message softened my heart. I just wanted to be counted as totally surrendered to our King.
    I am still seeking on how our Lord will help me walk through all of this.
    Thanks so much for this message. I have a great peace and comfort. He knows that I want only HIM. I will seek and trust that He will show me what to do and say.
    ALL must be covered in love and caring.
    Many thanks,

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