On This Day- 5 Tevet

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for January 3, 2015, 5 Tevet. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4 minutes

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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    There was such a heavy burden on the 25! It is interesting how obvious the weight of oppression is when we deny ourselves on the day we have focused on ourselves for so long. The one who comes as an angel of light, fools all of us as we continue to focus on ourselves and our feelings on Christmas Day. Oh Father forgive us and give us the right heart as we deny ourselves on this day and every day!

  2. JAIME says:


    Excellent message….

    For the sake of clarity; can you identify exactly for us the “commanded physical fasts” ?

    There is a lot I’ve come to understand and am in total agreement with you on the more truthful fast of the soul to bring it into obedience and humility.. Yet I still am unsure of when it’s required because of the “definition” of fast in it’s usage and context…

    This wold be a big help for me personally as I trust your definitions with their respective context….

    Shalom, shalom

    • Bill says:

      The only fast that seems to be commanded is at Yom Kippur and even that is somehow derived from the phrase “afflict your souls.” It seems to me that fasting is more of a “one on one” with the Creator and needs to be determined by the individual as they desire to draw closer. God is well able to communicate individual commands to us just as surely as commands in the written word. Just my thoughts. Shalom.

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