On This Day – 6 Cheshvan

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, October 15, 2018, 6 Cheshvan. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5.5 minutes.

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3 Responses to On This Day – 6 Cheshvan

  1. Denise Wortman says:

    Amen, such a worthy word for those of us just coming out of the traditional church feeling as if we have been duped- Thank you!

  2. darlene tencer says:

    I believe I too could have said your thoughts for today. Thanks for reminding me about nothing happening that was not of value. Just because it “seemed” to me to be mistakes or painful loss of relationships does not mean it was not of value. I have felt like I was a sidecar of a train left off to the side BUT my life is not over just older and hopefully wiser. I’m keeping my lamps lit.
    thanks much Bill. Sharing helps a lot.

  3. Lois Roberts says:

    Thank you, Bill, for these words of encouragement. I also feel the same way. While listening to this clip this a.m., I think that we all are moving into a new phase and that of Emunah (please forgive misspelling). Yes, we have lived our lives based on experience (tree of knowledge of good and evil). NOW, it is time for us to really begin trusting our Heavenly Father and HIS WORD because when it comes down to it, HIS WORD is the ONLY THING that will stand. Am I living my life now based on HIS WORD or am I living my life based on past experiences? Time to move over to the TREE OF LIFE and trust HIM explicitly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for this insight and encouragement, Bill. Blessings to you and your family and ministry that YHWH has given you to do as you are doing it!!!!!!!!!

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