On This Day – 8 Iyar

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, April 23, 2018, 8 Iyar. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 3.5 minutes.

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3 Responses to On This Day – 8 Iyar

  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    Ann again. The electronic world we live in is causing separation from people you can hug, to computers or phones we can smile at (not people we are ‘living with’ but electronically connecting with). I am not saying it is all bad, networks need to be made. But, is this likened to the Ghetto? Could it be keeping us from from being a community, being set together as one, apart from the nations? Loneliness, being the biggest problem facing the youth today, driving many into gangs that protect each other unto death (right or wrong), broken marriages, confused relationships, or no relationships at all- is a tool in the hand of the enemy. Unity is the desire of all people given to us by Yahweh. How, then, can WE play this out? We must play this out, and then others will notice and want what we have. Beautiful before Yahweh, and beautiful before the Nations and our lost children (tribes).

  2. Jim & Anne Carrigan says:

    Bill we attended the Prophetic Conference this past weekend at OCI. We were so blessed, encouraged, and inspired by your teachings. I noticed a CD/DVD not sure which entitled “Diagnosis of a Dying Church”. We are silver members and were unable to find this in the list. Is it possible for you to repost this teaching? Again we want to thank and encourage you for your dedication to learning and teaching God’s truth and connecting us back to our Hebraic roots. Shalom, Anne & Jim

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