Purpose, Commitment and Courage

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This is a message I recently shared with Freedom Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX over three days, thus there are three different videos. The theme of this message was one of the first I ever presented, years ago, as a Youth Pastor in Florida. You will notice that this was taken from the church's You Tube channel and is unedited. I was going to take the time to edit the footage and dress it up a bit but then I thought, "Nah." So here you are. Altogether the total time for all three sessions is about 4 1/2 - 5 hours. I hope you enjoy and are blessed.

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  1. Melissa Coles says:

    Bill, even unedited these videos will be added to what I affectionately refer to as my “Bill’s Greatest Hits” ! This message was a particular blessing though and I wanted to share:
    My 9 year old daughter, Kennedy, is a fan of yours as well…she has become so familiar with you that she simply refers to you as “Bill” without any kind of other identifyers like “that teacher you like to watch on your Ipad” or “that guy who I like to hit the pause button on so I can watch his lips get frozen in funny faces” (she’s 9 remember)

    Kennedy had a problem this week at school (christian school to boot), a song was played during class freetime that Kennedy & I had agreed was not appropriate for us. We discussed the concept of “mixing and mingling” good and bad and decided it was more important to be loyal to God than to have ALL of the songs to choose from for entertainment. So Kennedy told her teacher that she wasn’t allowed to listen to the song that was playing. She was made fun of and criticized. It really made her sad. I shared Purpose part one with her and she especially liked the part where you teach about wanting everyone to like us more that wanting to stand for truth, Jesus’ words that if they hated him, they will hate us and your philosophy that we might as well give them something to hate you for!

    You turned my little girls tears to laughter and you reminded her that we are not alone in our desire to remain set apart for God.

    Thanks so much!

    • Bill says:

      Melissa; Tell Kennedy that I am honored she listens to me. Tell her, also, that her testimony brought tears to my eyes; I am so proud of her taking the stand, she did, for her faith. Give her a hug and kiss on the cheek for me. Blessings and shalom.

  2. G Shimon says:

    So barucha’d of YAH! Thank you. There was one who understood the passion of Messiah and who anointed Him for burial. She alone was the one to whom He presented Himself BEFORE HE HAD EVEN TAKEN HIS QODESH BLOOD TO THE SEAT OF ATONEMENT! This is very a significant expression of Abba’s heart and the revelation of woman in Messiah in the balance of the teachings of the Original and Re-Newed Covenant.

  3. G Shimon says:

    She also is recorded to be at the foot of the cross. Shalom

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