For What Its Worth (April 1, 2013)

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As many of you know, the Supreme Court has taken up the argument as to whether or not, homosexual/lesbian marriages are legal and whether these unions have a constitutionally guaranteed right to be recognized by federal and, presumably, state laws as being equivalent to marriages between a man and a woman. The ramifications of the decision they will make are huge as it relates to what happens next in our country. Whether or not the can gets kicked down the street for another day, it would seem the country's trend is to "coexist" with this mindset.

So in light of the fact the legality of these unions is now being argued before the Supreme Court and in the court of public opinion, I wanted to post a reminder to all believers: We fail to be a light to the nations if we act like the nations. If you think you can be a light and associate with darkness you have already succumbed to the seduction of co-existance.

Therefore, if darkness considers us to be an ally, are we truly being a light? Remember, the tare presents itself as passive in order to hide its aggressive nature. Though it may put on a nice face, it is and never will be content with what we concede to it - it will always want more and will never be satisfied. It will cry for "peace" but, in reality, wants "piece" and another piece and still another until the wheat succumbs to its mastery.

I find it interesting that the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender]  community has adopted the rainbow as their standard. The message they want to convey to the rest of the world is one of co-existance, tolerance and "let's just all learn to get along with one another." Yet, I have not been impressed with their ability to get along with anyone who actually believes the Bible. Therefore their choice of the rainbow strikes me as ironic, maybe even prophetic. The rainbow, as you know, was ordained to be a reminder of the covenant God made with the earth in the days of Noah - a time when men's hearts were continually meditating upon evil. It is to those days that Messiah likens the days just before His return and notes that it was a time when, "men were eating, drinking and giving in marriage."

I won't take the time to develop it here, but in conjunction with the inference that the people of that time would not be paying attention to the signs of impending judgment all around them, I believe Y'shua also hints at the mixing and mingling [co-existance] that would be running rampant in the earth in the last days. The fact that He mentions "marriage" specifically is interesting. God's people have always been warned against "mingling the holy with the profane" and especially within the context of marriage. Yet, we live in a day and time when resistance to gay marriage - the failure to co-exist - is seen as evil.

The days of His coming are also likened to the days of Lot. Where was Lot? In the very heart of evil, living among violent homosexuals. I contend that Lot should have never been there; he let his carnal instincts lead him to that place because it looked good to him, which brings me to my main point. It seems to me that many believers are getting sucked into the idea that, so it might be said we are about love, it is somehow okay to co-exist with the idea that God is okay with these homosexual unions. In other words, "hate the sin, love the sinner." The truth of the matter is, "hate the sin, love the sinner but don't co-exist with him."

Would you go to dinner with a known prostitute? To a ballgame with a convicted murderer? To a movie with a pedophile? If not, why? Yes, Messiah did have dinner with publicans and sinners - but to share truth with them. I don't see where He hung out with them if they rejected the truth; I don't see where He made them comfortable in their sin. There is a big difference between sitting down with someone who is involved in a forbidden lifestyle or practice and sharing the truth with them and sitting down with someone over coffee because you have come to the conclusion that, "I can't judge" and so we can still be friends. There is a big difference in showing compassion to someone who wants to be free of things the Scripture prohibits and being tolerant of someone's conscience decision to willingly continue in a lifestyle that goes against what Scripture teaches. There is a big difference in taking the time to share truth in love with someone who is struggling to understand and sharing truth with someone who has already decided to live in rebellion to Scripture.

If we think showing them love is to show how we can still be friends and yet agree to disagree, have we helped them or enabled them? Being friends with and associating with those who live defiantly outside of Biblical boundaries is not what we are called to do - we are called to be set apart. That means you will be the subject of accusations and epithets; you will be called intolerant, hateful, a bigot and a racist. Yet, what I fear more is what the Messiah will say of me when I stand before Him.

In light of all this, I found these articles from the Blaze to be quite interesting. These are secular sources discussing the nation's seemingly inevitable capitulation to the gay agenda and what the probable long-term ramifications of co-existance will mean for this country. In one of these articles it is suggested that the only credible argument in this debate is the one FOR gay marriage because the other side has only the Bible to back up its argument (as if the Word of God isn't enough to counter men's arguments).

Remember, the tares will never be content to stay in their field. They want to mix with the wheat, but not to co-exist with the wheat. The tares want to destroy the wheat and undermine the principles, statutes and boundaries the Creator has established by discrediting His Word and His people. It's about to get really interesting.

6 Responses to For What Its Worth (April 1, 2013)

  1. Kathryn says:

    Very well said, Bill.


  2. Kim Sanford says:

    I watch as the Islamic/Sharia agenda is pushed, and I watch as the LGBT agenda is pushed. It’s not just “bible thumpers” that are against homosexuality Muslims are against it too. Gay and Muslim cannot coexist either. I have to wonder why are they being so silent?

  3. Melissa says:

    Personally a timely word. Thank you. Persecution is definitely on the horizon but when the “Krauthammer” says it’s coming it’ll be here twice as fast. So,
    I’m ready to sing in jail, or stand before kings or lay my life down,more, I’m ready to see the mighty arm of Yah redeem His people, amen.Shalom.

  4. Bill says:

    Melissa. Hopefully we have a bit more time to do what we’re here to do but we definitely need to be preparing ourselves. Shalom!

  5. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    Shalom…, the other day a neighbor was visiting on the lake and oddly enough this topic came up… His stance was that homosexuality was not a big deal for him as he didn’t care what others did in the privacy of their home… I explained to him the “sticking your head in the sand” scenario and realized something the Spirit made me aware of..
    Why isn’t it that the G/L community not separate themselves altogether and call their union a “civil union” or something else? They could very easily adopt another “label” if you will for their union and I am very certain very, very few would have an issue with that… Why do they have to target a “change” in the definition of “marriage”… ?
    As with all here who have the foundation in the WORD, we understand that it is the “gross darkness” that seeks to destroy anything and everyone that is birthed by the WORD…. I personally prefer to use God’s terminology for those who practice this lifestyle; an “Abomination”….. What really gets my fire ablaze is that these so called “shepherds” of Christ WILL NOT say so… Most assuredly another sign along the “narrow path” of the time, days, and season…

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