Restoration of All Things: What Is It?

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Shalom! This is the first session of a five-part series we did on HRN last year called, Restoration of All Things. This seeks to establish just what is meant by the term when Peter refers to it in Acts 3. I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 55 minutes.

P.S. I have included an audio version for those who can't view the video.


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Restoration of All Things (part 1) VIDEO
Part one of a five-part series recorded for HRN. This first session seeks to define what is meant by the biblical concept "restoration of all things." Approximately 55 minutes. Do not order if you cannot download large files. Download Note: We appreciate your support and hope you get enjoyment from this teaching. We respectively request that you please refrain from posting this teaching on other websites and social media including Facebook and YouTube. We also request that you do not reproduce these teachings on DVD or CD for unauthorized distribution. You may reproduce these teachings for the following exceptions:
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7 Responses to Restoration of All Things: What Is It?

  1. Barbara Reese says:

    Good teaching from Bill. Makes it very understandable-line upon line, precept upon precept. Thank you for declaring The Restoration of all things. Your teachings have helped us to grow and understand these times and the days to come. Thank you and Yah bless you. Mickey Reese, Beit Israel

  2. Sheryl Zeitler says:

    Hi, I tried to email this to a friend, but it would not open. This would be a terrific DVD to send to friends still stuck in their Christian mentality. Is there any way we can download it to send by mail? Thanks, great teaching Bill. Shosh

  3. Joesusan7 says:

    Dear Bill ,
    this was a great teaching.. . thank you so much….. for being a blessing to us here in India..

    Bill were you able to pray and think about what we discussed when I called you ? and also hope you were able to watch a glimpse of what we doing here….
    please do email me your thoughts at

    • Bill says:


      Yes I did watch the video and we are discussing the possibility of coming there. I think you said January or February would be a good time. We will continue to seek the Father on this. Shalom

  4. Glenn Elder says:

    Hi Bill,

    I am seeing a teaching from people that says that The Romans are a descendant of Esau. Are there any comments that you can make on this?

    • Bill says:

      Glen; that is what rabbinical commentary teaches and, while I see the spiritual connection, I’m not certain that they were/are the physical descendants of Esau. In fact, Ezekiel 37 seems to hint that those in the Land who say it belongs to them and not Israel are called “all of Edom.” This suggests to me that those the world refers to as Palestinians MAY be descendants of Esau. Of course, I could always be wrong. Shalom.

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