River of Life: The Blood and the Believer

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Many years ago, in fact, twenty-five years ago, I presented my very first message to a church; I called it the Blood and the Believer. This is the version of that message that I first put on tape a number of years ago. I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 2 hours.









The River of Life: The Blood and the Believer
This is Bill's teaching on the importance of blood in the Scripture and, specifically, why the blood of the Messiah is crucial to our being as it relates to eternal life. This is a later version of Bill's very first message after he became a believer. Approximately 2 hours. Download Note: We appreciate your support and hope you get enjoyment from this teaching. We respectively request that you please refrain from posting this teaching on other websites and social media including Facebook and YouTube. We also request that you do not reproduce these teachings on DVD or CD for unauthorized distribution. You may reproduce these teachings for the following exceptions:
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7 Responses to River of Life: The Blood and the Believer

  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    Ann- I did a study after the trip to Israel on Blood, Oxygen, and Water . Please let me know if you would like it. Love this teaching

  2. JAIME says:


    May Adoni cause his face to shine upon you and your family on this Sukkot, and Tabernacle with you throughout the year..

    My heart stands in awe of the precious jewels of Truth He bestows upon His people and praise Him for raising you up to mine these out to enrich His people…..

    Truly, a few days ago I was contemplating an aspect of this blood connection after listening to your teachings on the Tallit and Alef Tav…

    Where as you pointed out; that many see the pouring out of Blood and Water on Yeshua’s death as an idim of the Scarlet Thread turning White; I ALSO see another Hue in this Pearl of great value……

    Last week I was watching Brad on YouTube in which he made a statement that correlates with your explanation of “frequencies”….

    Brad states that science now knows that the 2 things needed to create light is Water and Frequency, and is not a theory as they can take a drop of water and raise the frequencies of sound to a certain level which causes a drop of Water to transform into a flash of Light..
    Brad expands on the Genesis account that those 2 particular “ingredients” are present in the very beginning..
    God divided the Waters, He Spoke (Frequency) and there was Light…

    Needless to say, a very sobering fact in my opinion…

    However; continuing on one of the many Rabbi-Trails you leave me here I have come to this Understanding….

    I absolutely agree with you that a “physical” change ALSO took place in Adam & Eve as noted… in the very same way that we are transformed into a “new creature” in Christ..

    I absolutely agree that there was a change in the “properties” of their Blood..

    IN MY OPINION, I BELIEVE that the Father Himself has Blood, and that Blood is LIVING WATERS…

    My Understanding leads me to believe that God infused Adam with Living Water (Blood), & Ruach Hakodesh (spoken Word) which by science standards; produces light…

    I Understand that ONE of the “physical” changes to the Blood was it’s transformation from pristine Clear to Red… (removing Living Water from any body of Water brings Death…
    Note that Scripture in the Crucifixion of Yeshua sequentially states; Blood first then Water… Red to Clear… which to me, denotes a “Cleansing and Restoration”….

    The fact that the Blood of Yeshua was that of His Father, and that the Father’s Blood is Living Water…is proven here; for me at least…

    The revelation that Living Waters will flow from our Heart of Hearts (belly) confirms this to me as a second witness…

    A Wild Thought…

    Shalom, Shalom..

  3. Cynthia Proffitt says:

    Such a great teaching!

  4. Nancy Mari says:

    As I understand sound waves, they are different from electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves, like microwaves, can certainly change water to steam (not sure about the ice thing), but I am not aware of any way to change water to steam using sound waves. Sound waves move molecules physically so I suppose there could be a frequency that could move the molecules so fast that the water could heat up, but how could molecules slow down by being “bombarded” by sound waves?
    I have heard a lot of teaching that seems to confuse sound waves (kinetic energy) with light waves (electromagnetic energy). But that creates a question: if sound requires a medium (sound doesn’t travel through a vacuum), how did God speak Creation into existence? (I realize that God can do whatever He wants, but it’s an interesting thought….)

  5. cinnamon crawford says:

    I like to say … In gen 3 all humans contracted the sin virus! That’s what I tell my kids.

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