Scenes From Our Israel Trip (Dead Sea & Masada region)

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Here are some more photos from our last trip to Israel along with a few thoughts. These shots are primarily from the Dead Sea region.

P.S. You can see enlarged photos by clicking on them.


Qumran is one of those interesting places that you want to visit in December when the temperatures are tolerable, unlike in the summer when it is well over 100 degrees.

Nathan and Brandon at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.


Masada is an isolated and desolate place. No wonder hundreds of Jewish zealots thought they could hold out against the Romans - who would want to camp out here in the desert for a couple of years?

The Israeli flag atop Masada with the Dead Sea in the distance.


The ruins of Herod's tri-level palace on the summit of Masada.


The surrounding area from the top of Masada - nothing for miles.


Me, Nate, Alan and Allison in the ruins of Masada's synagogue.

Dead Sea

Ladies: if you ever visit the Dead Sea DO NOT SHAVE YOUR LEGS BEFORE GOING INTO THE WATER. I guarantee you the salt tells you everywhere you have a scratch or nick in your skin.

Nate couldn't wait to get into the waters of the Dead Sea. Here he is showing off.


This is about as animated as Brandon gets. Guess it was the salt in the sea.


The desert has a strange beauty of its own. I really enjoyed our afternoon among the Bedouins.

We had lunch and tea in the tents of Bedouins in the Negev.


After lunch we all took a camel ride through the desert.


Some times the mouth of the camel behind you got a little too close to your foot for comfort.

Some times the camel behind you got a little too close for comfort.


After 12 trips to Israel they finally convinced me to get on one of the smelly beasts.


As we emerged from the desert we visited the valley of Elah where Goliath was slain.


Soon I'll posts a few shots from our experience in Jerusalem. Shalom.

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    Shalom, Thanks for the beutiful pictures and wonderful teachings! You are indeed one of the annointed ones blowing the shofar. One question: I’ve been trying to get into the ‘highest rated teachings’ and it doen’t let me eventhough i am a subscriber. What would i be doing wrong and how can i do right? Blessings!

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