Scenes From Our Israel Trip (Jerusalem)

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Shalom. Here are a few (well maybe more than a few) photos from our recent tour of Israel. These photos were taken in and around Jerusalem.

P.S. You can view larger images by clicking on the photos.

When we arrived it was already getting dark. This photo of the Old City was taken from our hotel room.


Mount of Olives & Gethsemane

The next morning our first stop was the Garden of Gethsemane. This is our group with the city walls in the background.


While we were in Gethsemane, we decided to have a family photo made.


Our guide Gideon Shor invited me, Allison and Ron Humphries to take a walk with the presiding priest into an area where the olive trees are 2000 years old.


Me and Allison at the end of our little stroll through the olive grove.


These are my older sons atop the Mount of Olives overlooking the Old City. It was another windy and cool day.


Pictures do no justice to the scene or the feeling of standing on the Mount of Olives and looking over at Jerusalem.


The Golden Gate

This is one of those views that "pinches" you and lets you know you really are in the City of the Great King.


So we decided to get closer. This was taken from inside the Muslim cemetery in front of the gate.


The first time I tried to get this close to the gate (20 years ago) I was threatened with my life. Finally, mission accomplished.


The Western Wall

The Western Wall plaza is always a busy place.


I can't tell you what this photo means to me - me and all my boys praying at the Kotel.


Brandon, Alan, me and Nathan at the Kotel.


On a return trip to the Kotel, Nate wanted to go down and pray. This is a precious picture to me.


Just in case you were wondering, Beth and Allison (in purple) were there too, along with Sondra Beam.


Old City

This is the Zion Gate. Notice the pit marks made from bullets and shrapnel fired during the Six Day War.


Inside the Old City, there is a shop owned by two wonderful brothers - a must visit. They picked a funny name for their shop though.


While we were shopping, Nate decided he wanted a kippah. Not long after, Israelis would approach him speaking in Hebrew thinking he was Israeli. His middle name is Israel, after all.


We were there just before Hanukkah. Notice they were already preparing for the Festival.


One of the highlights of the trip for me is to walk through the so-called "Rabbi's Tunnel." This excavation project runs the entire length of the western wall of the Temple. There are places where you are walking on 2000 yr old streets and can see where the stones of the Temple meet the bedrock of Mount Moriah.


Inside St Anne's Church just beside the pool of Bethesda. The attraction here was the acoustics. A person can literally harmonize with himself. We had a very moving praise service here.


Though technically outside the Old City, these steps were part of the city when Messiah walked her streets. In fact, these are most definitely from His time and most likely the steps He took as He was led to the house of the High Priest upon His arrest.


The New City

While we were there we made a surprise visit to the Knesset (not an easy thing to do at the last minute). This menorah stands outside of the Israeli Parliament Building. Inscribed upon it is, "Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the LORD of Hosts."


Some old friends from SC who now live in Jerusalem took us out to eat one night. I highly recommend this place.


Not too far from the new part of the city is the burial place of the prophet Samuel. Actually his tomb sits about halfway from Jerusalem and Ramallah. That's why there are observation posts on top of the structure that houses his tomb.


In the distance is Ramallah. When I turned around from this view I could see Jerusalem. Just lets you know how close everything is over there.


One of the last things we did was to visit the Promenade south of the city. This particular point is where, according to tradition, "Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off" (Gen. 22:4).


This gives you a little better idea of the view. The Temple Mount is the "place" he saw.


Our last day. The sun was soon to set but at this particular moment it was right in our eyes. This was taken south of the Old City.


Everyone needs to go to Israel at least once in their lifetime - maybe next year? We'll keep you posted about our next tour to the land. If you're interested in going with us, let us know. Shalom.

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  1. Fred Mensah says:

    Bill, I am INTERESTED! Nice pictures.I will call you to get the necessary info about the trip.Shalom

    • Bill says:

      Fred; We don’t have any information to give you just yet. We’re still trying to determine the dates, etc. When we do finalize we’ll post all that information right here on the blog. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Harry says:

    Bill, I definitely want to go back with you again. Please let me know once you get dates settled. My wife and I have really been enjoying your teachings available on the blog. Shalom to you and yours, Harry and Deborah Lovell, Las Vegas, NV

  3. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    Thank you all for the pics…., the longing in my heart to visit increases exponentially…
    I do have a question for you Bill….. if anyone can answer this, I know you can shed light on it…… Scripture states that it is a shame and dishonor for a man to pray having his head covered; why then do Jews pray with their heads covered ? As I understand it the High Priest wore a head covering and that the Talit was the “closet” Christ made mention of with no rebuke……….. Can you say “CONFOOSSED” ?

    • Bill says:


      In all honesty, I’m not sure what Paul has in mind. In all my research I’ve found the answer lies in whose opinion you choose to believe. Seeing that none of us were there at the time, it makes certainty about the question questionable. So, I don’t have a conclusive answer for you. All I can tell you is I don’t wear a head covering unless protocol calls for it and only out of respect for others. Hope that helps. Shalom.

  4. Cyndie Simmons says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! It is life changing and opens your Holy Scriptures in more ways than you can even imagine 🙂

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