TBN Broadcast with Bill, Perry Stone, Mark Biltz and others

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Some of you had requested that I post this interview / prophecy discussion / "debate" and, so, here it is. I edited some things out that were not pertinent to the discussion as well as removing all the musical segments. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 100 minutes.


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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    This was a very cohesive message with evangelical leaders in the US. I appreciated their enthusiasm. Yeshua was exulted, urgency was expressed, caution was applied, and respect was executed. Have I ever witnessed this sort of debate before? No, and what are the usual missing pieces? Love and humility. The puzzle is taking shape. This was a breath of fresh air! Thank you Bill, for representing our piece of the puzzle.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you Bill for putting this on for us. Brother Bill I thought you were humble and meek, thank you tor your representation. I never watch TBN, in my time zone I would miss it anyway!( I saw some shaking heads in the audience that agreed with you!)
    I really enjoyed the way you corrected the meaning of some of the scriptures. Although, no one brought up that the “Temple” starts to be built by making the sacrafices on the altar, that’s the first step! Nothing else can be built until the altar is functional. Another thing I was waiting for someone in the tribulation gang mention was that the blood moons and sackcloth sun happen before the “Great Day of Yah’s Wrath” which is the last 3.5 years, that’s the really big shoe!
    I’m, glad you were on TBN the word of Yah sent out never comes back void.Shalom in Mashiach Yahshua’s mighty name, amein,

  3. Arle Masters says:

    Awe boy- how can Perry think the restrainer – is the ruach ha kodesh… totally agree with Brad Scott’s book on the restrainer- and believe that most of these people are deceived – got this verse when Laurie said to tell us good things … Isaiah 30 vs 10 …

    10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:

    and the person teaching about Gog and Magog … 🙁 Maybe you can send him this link …

    • Bill says:

      She MAY have meant it that way but it didn’t come across that way with me. I felt she was just saying that, for some, it seems the study of prophecy focuses on the death, gore and destruction – and there is some truth in that. That’s exactly why I pointed out that all those “negative” things are actually indicators of something very positive. As far as Perry’s view on the Restrainer, I, too, have felt it was the Adversary who restrained. In fact, when Brad first started developing that teaching we discussed the patterns in Scripture, most notably, Pharaoh is the one who was restraining Israel from leaving Egypt. As opportunity presents itself, I’ll share these other views with him. Thanks for the comment.

      • Arle Masters says:

        Ty so appreciate the service of your entire family-

      • Jeri Carter says:

        Bill,I really enjoyed what you got to say, just wished you could have got to say more. This was a good teaching, I agreed with some and because of what I was showed in Scripture that YAH said and not man, You know that I have been a follower of your since the day I meet you, and so far what you have taught is straight from scriptures with the help of YAH that has given you such a insight can explain things that makes total sense to me. Thank you Bill

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