That the Two May Be One

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This audio teaching is based on John 11 and Ephesians 2 and expounds upon the fact that the Messiah Y'shua died that two peoples might be one. I believe that it is one of the best messages I've done in a long time and I hope you enjoy it. You can see a more detailed description below and you can also download it from our store. Enjoy! (Approximately 60 minutes)



That The Two May Be One

This teaching is based primarily on John 11 and Ephesians and expounds upon the fact that the Messiah Y'shua died that the two might be one. Not only do we show and discuss the Father's purpose, but in knowing this we automatically can discern the Adversary's agenda to keep the two from becoming one. Furthermore, we delve into his methodology and show how he has kept the two - the Circumcision and those called Uncircumcision - apart all these centuries. In this teaching we also discuss:

  • Just how God speaks of the restoration of all things from the beginning.
  • How John 4 teaches about the two becoming one.
  • The bones in Ezekiel 37 and who they represent.
  • How political ties demonstrate religious tendencies

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7 Responses to That the Two May Be One

  1. Paul says:


    That is one of the best mesaages I’ve ever heard.

    I’ve learned alot about our Republic and alot of Biblical teaching prior to this message, but the way that you tie the two pictures together by their foundation is so appropriate and instructive. And the magnitude of this teaching is lost even on those who teach on our historical way of life.

    It’s not that I hadn’t been taught these things were (are) the measure of our Republic; it’s just that the contrast of what He will do when we stop following His laws was never properly descriptively linked together before.

    I cried again for this people (our people) and this place because we do not yet discern what He is trying to have us know.

    I want and need more fellowship that consists of this foundation. I understand better now. I’ll be listening to this message again.

    Do know anybody in Indianapolis who is looking for a fellowship and study?

    Feel free to contact me privately if you like.

    L’Shanna Tov and Shalom,


    • Bill says:

      Paul; Thanks so much for the kind comments. As far as fellowship in Indy, I’m not aware of anyone off the top of my head. Thanks for being a member. I hope you are benefiting from it.

  2. Joe Davis says:


    This might sound strange, but before listening to this teaching, I flopped and stopped on Ephesians 2. The only difference is,this time I understood it for the first time. His Word is making so much more sense to me now that I understand the separation between the two houses. I have only been studying God’s word for three years now, and from the very beginning I just wanted to know the truth. Before I started studying from a Hebraic perspective, I would get some truths here and there, but nothing compared to when I started seeing the very close connection between Christianity & Judaism. Thanks so much for your teachings Bill.


  3. Karen Sletten says:

    I’m starting over at the oldest of the archives. I wholeheartedly agree with the above statements. One new man, amen. Hearing these teachings over and over is like reading the Bible over and over. You gain more insight and understanding with each reading & hearing. After our trip to Israel it has been like reading the Bible for the first time and now knowing these places truly did exist and the people of the Bible become more real as you can visualize them in the places we visited. Thanks again for your wonderful teachings. I will be looking forward to the videos made by Brandon. Love in Christ, Karen

  4. Tyler Rosenquist says:

    Thank you Bill, I just recently started listening to you and I love the way you see things. I decided to start at the beginning of the archives and work my way forward.

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