The Final Feasts

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Shalom. This is our audio teaching on the fall feast days that we call The Final Feasts. This is one we did several years ago before we learned to edit out "uh" and "ya know" and stuff like that. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 2 hrs.









The Final Feasts: The Fall Feasts of Israel
This is Bill's teaching on the fall feasts of Israel - Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. In this audio series, Bill discusses the past, present and future significance of these appointed times and relates their significance to the believer in Messiah Y'shua. Approximately 2 hours. Download Note: We appreciate your support and hope you get enjoyment from this teaching. We respectively request that you please refrain from posting this teaching on other websites and social media including Facebook and YouTube. We also request that you do not reproduce these teachings on DVD or CD for unauthorized distribution. You may reproduce these teachings for the following exceptions:
  • Your own personal use.
  • For use in a Bible Study setting.
  • Widows and others financially incapable of obtaining these teachings.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Price: $9.00

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  1. James Murdock says:

    The prophetic references and references to Yeshua’s words in B’rit Hadasha were very helpful.
    Thank you.

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