Torah Portion – Balak (B’midbar 22:2 – 25:9)

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This is our d'rash (commentary) on the torah portion, Balak.  In this portion we see that, despite his best efforts, the Adversary can't curse what the Father has blessed. However, we also learn that, when we let our guard down, he seduces us into behavior that will do to us what he doesn't have the authority to do.  (Approximately 80 minutes).



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Torah Portion - Balak
This is Bill's commentary on the torah portion, Balak. In this teaching, we see a futile attempt on behalf of the Adversary to curse the people of God. Yet, we learn that he doesn't possess that authority. He is capable, however, of seducing God's people into sin and their disobedience is what accomplishes what the Adversary cannot. We also see how one can possess a God-given gift and still misappropriate it for personal gain. This portion not only alerts us to this fact but warns us of its consequences. Much more. Approximately 80 minutes.
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