Torah Portion: Bo (Shemot 10:1 – 13:16)

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This is our commentary on the portion Bo - "Come." In this portion, we see the plagues coming to culmination and the deliverance of Israel from bondage. Coinciding with the Exodus is the introduction of the Passover. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 2:30






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Torah Portion - Bo
This is Bill's commentary on the portion Bo - "Come." In this portion, the plagues come to a climax with locusts, darkness and the death of the firstborn. Coinciding with Pharaoh's capitulation is the introduction of the Passover and its association with redemption. Some of the highlights are:
  • The meaning of "the LORD's Passover."
  • Parallels with Y'shua's crucifixion
  • A discussion on circumcision.
  • Much more. Approximately 2.5 hours

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  1. danbezon says:

    Who is the “destroying angel”?
    1) If the Lord, than He is doing His “strange act” destroying His creation?

    2) Or, Satan serving God even though he has chosen not to be a servant of God. This would fit Yeshua’s words that a house divided against itself, can not stand. Also fits, out of the beginning the end revealed in the Book of Revelation,. chapter 9 locust ect.?

    Thank you as always for your teachings, your time spent to answer my/our questions.

  2. JAIME says:


    Well the last time we discussed the Locusts, you brought out to my affirmation that the refugees were indeed the last days fulfillment of the Locusts.

    In my hearing, I was then given the understanding as a passing thought (passed a little too quickly for me) that the West – “US” would somehow be that “West Wind” that would drive them back…

    This day I believe we have proof that we are the West Wind, and it’s name is TRUMP…

    AND in this Torah portion, you state that they were driven back into the Sea and died/drowned…

    The ability to perceive the reality of this aspect is sobering to say the least…

    And now cometh the next…….. DARKNESS .

    Shalom, shalom.

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