Torah Portion: B’reshiyt (B’reshiyt 1:1 – 6:8)

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Shalom. This is our commentary on the Torah's first portion, B'reshiyt - "In the beginning." In this opening portion is the beginning of all things. Consequently, this portion is quite lengthy; so lengthy, in fact, that I have divided the teaching into four parts.


PART ONE (Approximately 1:40)


B'reshiyt Part 1 PDF Outline


PART TWO (Approximately 1:45)


B'reshiyt Chapter 2 Outline PDF


PART THREE (Approximately 1:30)


B'reshiyt Chapter 3 PDF Outline


PART FOUR (Approximately 1:45)


B'reshiyt Part 4 Outline PDF



Torah Portion - Breshiyt
This is Bill’s commentary on the Torah portion, B'reshiyt. In the beginning is everything that Creation needs to function according to the purposes of the Creator. The account recorded in this portion makes it clear that the source of all is the God of Israel. Yet, the beginning doesn't emphasize the "how" of Creation but the "why." We are also shown the consequences of those things (persons) who do not function according to that design. There is much to consider in this teaching, so much, that we can't list it all here. Approximately 6:45 .
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  1. miketz elkins says:

    Bill, just one other thought here and that is if we were to alternately read B’rishith as denoting not a begining point in time but instead as someone initiating the process then it could easily be read “In the Messaih, God created the heavens and the earth”. This certainly would be consistent with the Apostolic Scriptures such as John 1:3 and Colosians 1:16-17 as well as other places where He is called both the head and the beginning. By the way how did you ever get time to catch your breath with such a long commentary?

  2. Bruce & Victoria Olson says:

    Bill … Shalom
    Have you considered that the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” could also have been planted by YHWH and that this tree represents the Torah? Both trees (‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil’) spring forth from the root of Messiah, the source of both life and wisdom. Either tree would lead us to eternal life. Without question, eating from the Tree of Life would be a simple and direct path while choosing the Tree of Knowledge would be much more difficult. That decision can still obtain eternal life but it would take effort and be a long and painful journey. Consider a road trip where a direct route on a freeway can be taken versus using back roads which, although might contain pleasant detours, will undoubtedly have an abundance of road blocks, hazards, etc and which may even lead further away from the original destination.

    In Eden, YHWH desired man to obtain Life directly through His command of not partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. Man disobeyed and eliminated this option in favour of the much longer and perilous route. We must now do the best we can to get back on that narrow yet straight path and realize that Messiah is the Goal of the Torah unto Righteousness to everyone who believes. Rm 10:4

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