Torah Portion Chukat (B’midbar 19:1 – 22:1)

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This is our d'rash (commentary) on the torah portion, Chukat.  Who can render something pure from something that is impure? This is the prevailing theme in this Torah portion. In the ritual of the Red Heifer and again in the Brazen Serpent, we see this paradox. Ultimately, what we are supposed to see is the nature and role of the Messiah Y'shua.  (Approximately 90 minutes).



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Torah Portion - Chukat
In this torah portion we are introduced to strange rites that provokes the question, "Who can render something pure from something that is impure?" This is the prevailing theme of the parsha, Chukat. In the ritual of the Red Heifer and again in the Brazen Serpent, we see a paradox that has intrigued Bible students for centuries. Fortunately for those in Messiah Y'shua, we can clearly see how He is the personification of these tokens of salvation and deliverance. Still, the parsha has much to offer in the way of provoking thought and still more questions. (Approximately 90 minutes).
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6 Responses to Torah Portion Chukat (B’midbar 19:1 – 22:1)

  1. Rick says:

    I need to look up, ‘look up’! Thanks for your work.

  2. Ester says:

    Can’t hear a more in-depth d’rash than this, in particular the brazen serpent, thank you Bill!

  3. Max says:

    Do you have any insight on the 3rd and 7th day cleansing of the red heifer?
    How do we NOT enter into the sin of Korah in regard to the priesthood?
    Are we ALL set apart from the set apart to the be a holy priesthood?
    thank you Bill

    • Bill says:

      Max; on the first part of your question, no more insight than what I’ve offered. As fas as avoiding being like Korah in regard to the priesthood, we have to ask what was his motive? To serve or be noticed? What was the condition of his heart in regard to being placed in the priesthood? Why wasn’t he committed to the duties already assigned him? My opinion is we avoid this same sin by first examining our heart. As far as the last question I believe we are called to be those set apart from those set apart; the issue is whether we respond to that call and become willing to deny ourselves in the way those priests were required to in order to stand in the holy place (Ps 24:3). See you guys soon.

      • deborah freeman says:

        Are written transcripts of your Torah portions available? 119 ministries allows us to print out their teaching. Do you have that service available? I would like to use them in our home study group. I am grateful for your teachings and for the insight you present. Having your teaching in writing would make them more suitable, I believe, in a small group setting.

        • Bill says:

          Deborah there are no transcripts but if you look on the page where the portions are posted you will see that there is a link to a PDF file – that file has that portions outline. Hope that helps.

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