Torah Portion – Ki Tetze (D’varim 21:10 – 25:19)

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Shalom. Here is our audio commentary on the torah portion ki tetze - "when you go out." There are so many issues that are addressed in this portion that it would require an essay to summarize them for you here; I will simply highlight some of the major ones for you.

  • The "beloved wife" and the "hated wife"
  • The rebellious son
  • Prohibition against mingled seed
  • Divorce

I hope you enjoy the teaching (Approximately 1:45 hrs.)






Ki Tetze Outline PDF


Torah Portion: Ki Tetze
This is Bill's audio commentary on the torah portion ki tetze - "when you go out." It begins with stipulations concerning a wife taken from among a vanquished foe and moves to the rights of the firstborn son and the "beloved wife" and the "hated wife." Contained in this teaching are discussions on the rebellious son and divorce. One of the most prominent and foundational issues discussed in this portion is the prohibition against mingled seed. This is the basis for Bill's book, Enmity Between the Seed. So much more. (Approximately 1:45 hrs.)
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  1. says:

    Loved Bonnie’s comments! In the same “one bad apple” vein, it is often the smaller, weaker minority that prevails through simple persistence, aided by our curious indifference to this “thing” among us. We ignore the one germ/mosquito/thought until it quietly multiplies into something that overwhelms us. Frequently this is due to our own weakened immune system, which often comes from us abusing or ignoring our own bodies/temples. I can pull tons of analogies from this, but the reader can pick the one which speaks to his or her own heart. I know this one resonated with me, although I found the entire teaching edifying. Thank you, Bill!

  2. Darleen Gallia says:

    I love your teachings on Torah I study them every Shabbat morning before our Torah
    Group gets here. I do have a question about Ruth. Could it be possible that she is not from the descendent of Moab? I looked up the difference of women from Moab and daughter from Moab and it is different. Also looks like Ruth came from the plains of Moab which at the time of Judges was in the territory of Reuben. It would solve the problem of the lineage and scripture of not to marry a Moabite. She would be leaving her god (judge) and joining with Naoimis god (judge). Would love your feed back.

    • Bill says:

      Darleen: Hmmmm. Anything is possible I guess but this seems unlikely to me since the Hebrew text (Ruth 1:4) says Naomi’s sons married “Moabite women” not “women from Moab.” Shalom.

  3. Bruce & Victoria Olson says:


    The question came up “Is Dawid a mamzer” as a result of the marriage between Boaz and Ruth the Moabite? If such, this would violate Deut 23:2?

    Consider Matt 1:17 which states that there were 14 generations from Abraham to Dawid. Lot is from the same generation as Abraham, and Ruth is approximately from the same generation as Boaz. Lot’s incestuous relationship with his daughters produced the Ammonites and Moabites. Fourteen generations later, Dawid came along. Deut 23:2 states that this exclusion from YHWH’s community would end after the 10th generation. Boaz (and Ruth) was the 11th generation. Dawid was not a mamzer based upon the Scriptural evidence.

    • Bill says:

      I’ve heard that argument and, other than what is recorded in Scripture, I certainly don’t know all the facts as to his lineage. But I’m confident David would not have been king if he weren’t eligible.

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