Torah Portion: Ki Tisa (Shemot 30:11 – 34:35)

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Here is a d'rash (commentary) on the Torah Portion - Ki Tisa (When You Elevate). This parsha highlights Israel's failure to abide by the instruction - "You are to worship no other gods or make graven images." The Golden Calf incident, not only revealed that many were quick to turn aside from that instruction but it also hints that when things don't happen the way they think they should ("we don't know what happened to this Moses"), some people end up worshiping the image of a beast. There are many prophetic themes throughout this Torah portion. Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 100 minutes)

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Ki Tisa Outline PDF


Torah Portion: Ki Tisa
Bill's commentary on the Torah portion Ki Tisa. This parsha emphasizes the ramifications of the Golden Calf incident and the prophetic themes hinted at by the people's actions as well as God's response to their transgression. This teaching highlights:
  • What is revealed through Betzalel's craftsmanship.
  • How the Golden Calf revealed the "heart" of the people.
  • Was their sin idol worship or mingling the holy with profane?
  • How Moses' intercession results in the renewal of the covenant.
  • The mystery of Moses' veil.
  • Much more
(Approximately 100 minutes)
Price: $6.00

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  1. says:

    The mention of the half-sheckle brought up a bit of minutia that had just never occurred to me before. Does this maybe indicate that they had contact and perhaps traded with other nomadic groups whose path they may have crossed from time to time? If money was collected for upkeep, who did they pay? Thought work would have just been parceled out as needed to “volunteers”. Thanks for the insights – even the small ones!

    • Bill says:

      Jay; I have wondered about that very same thing and the conclusion I have come to is, “I don’t know.” Its entirely possible but, for whatever reason, the Creator didn’t deem it important enough to explain that aspect of things. I realize that is no help but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in that vein of thought. Shalom.

  2. JAIME says:


    Brother, there are so many precious jewels of Wisdom, Knowledge, & Understanding, in your study of this portion that any who take it upon themselves to hear will be endowed with “great treasure”…..

    I do thank God for raising you up in these days and strengthening you in your faithfulness to His Word…..

    The sounding of your “Shofar” is the Trumpet call of Elijah…., that, I have known the first time I heard Abba’s Voice in your call…. Amen, Amen…

    It is very clear to me at least, that the “image of the Beast” is worshiped every Sun-Day…. After all what does the image of the Beast represent ?…., all that is Falsehood

    “Thou has trod down all that do err from thy Commandments, for their deceit is falsehood”

    Psalm 119: Samech

    Your explanation of Moses’ Veil and the reflection of it’s appropriate prophetic purpose of it’s blindness is exquisite…

    All should take note that the day Moses came down from the mountain; the 10th of Tishri is the Day of Atonement…
    …… “that which has been, is that which shall be”….

    What will leave me in search of greater Understanding is your expounding of Moses delaying his return by 1 Day….
    Can this possibly be understood as 1 Prophetic Day ?

    If this, is to be understood this way; all of our Calendar models can be tossed away….

    There is no room for coincidence or error in the Torah; and if the Lord makes it a point to give us that particular detail, then……… we should take notice…..

    After all; how many days are in the “last days”….

    Shalom, shalom.

  3. JAIME says:


    Hope your Passover found you and your family well and in abundant happiness…

    A couple of ripples I’m trying to smooth over, hoping you can share some of your insight,hindsight, or foresight…..

    You’ve stated before and I am in agreement, that when the Lord wants us to know something in particular He makes it a point of doing so….
    The statement in Torah about Moses being delayed by 1 day is a mystery still rippling in my brain and so far I cannot find any correlating “line upon line” precedent….

    Any ideas ?
    I too share your enthusiasm about it not being 1 Prophetic Day !

    But truly WHY does the Lord make it a point to state this ?
    What can this possibly mean considering that first, no one knows the hour or day; but we do know the season… even so, what difference or significance can it make if it denotes one regular 24hr. physical day ?

    On another Rabbi trail….

    You’ve stated before that we cannot correctly keep certain Torah mandates of the Moedim unless we are either in Jerusalem and or because a “physical Temple” no longer exists…

    This understanding came to a screeching halt as I was re-reading the “Woman at the Well” encounter where the Lord makes the statement that “no longer” will the requirement of the worship of God be in Jerusalem or on “this mountain”, Sinai (?) as before, but that the “True worshipers will be doing so in Spirit and in Truth… wherever they may be… (my inference)

    Does not this specific statement by the Lord establish a new precedent ?

    Doesn’t this mean that the moedim’s we now keep outside of Jerusalem and without a Temple now become acceptable on solid Torah ground ?

    For me it harmonizes in Torah Truth & Spirit precisely because the True Temple is not a physical building made with hands. Rather, our bodies are the True Temples of God in which His Glory is meant to reside from the very beginning, and is the end goal of all of life…

    As it is written; “the Kingdom of God is within you”

    Well not that you don’t have enough on your plate as it is….. but as brothers we share our Manna…

    Shalom, shalom

    • Bill says:

      As far as the one day, I don’t have any definitive answer for you. It’s just one of those points to ponder. As far as the true worship issue, I do believe that, because we are temples of the Holy Spirit, that true worship – in spirit and in truth- is acceptable to Him wherever we may be. The lack of a temple in Jerusalem only prevents certain elements of corporate worship from happening. That will be rectified when Messiah rules from Zion. I don’t see the lack of a temple on Moriah as being any detriment to our pursuit of Him and desire to be whole in our journey.

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