Torah Portion: Lech L’cha (B’reshiyt 12:1 – 17:27)

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This is my commentary on the torah portion Lech L'cha- "Go for yourself." In this portion we have one of the most important stories Scripture has to offer - the call of Abram of Ur to become Abraham the Hebrew. Moreover, the events described in this portion relating to Abraham's life are a pattern for what the seed of Abraham (you and me) will encounter in our lives and in these last days. Shalom! Approximately 2 hours.







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Torah Portion: Lech L'cha
This is Bill's commentary on the torah portion Lech L'cha- "Go for yourself." This portion introduces us to the man Abram of Ur, called to become Abraham the Hebrew. The text emphasizes his willingness to obey God without hesitation as well as his flaws. Moreover, the events described in this portion relating to Abraham's life are a pattern for what the seed of Abraham will encounter in our lives and in these last days. Among the topics discussed:
  • How the war of Genesis 14 portends the future.
  • Who is Melchitzedek?
  • The covenant of circumcision.
  • Much more!
  • Approximately 2 hours.

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  1. JAIME says:


    When I heard this Torah portion last year, I sensed what I now understand to be true this day…

    In summary of what I Understand ….

    1948 establishes a defined cycle of the birth of Abraham/Israel

    2023 was the year in which Abraham entered the Promised Land and was the Day the Lord appeared in physical form to him.

    According to Daniel’s establishment of calculating the time of release out of Babylon for Israel it would be exactly 70 weeks (1 week = 1yr.) or 70 yrs. from the date the decree was given.

    In 1948 AD Israel came out of captivity and was reborn as a Nation, after a decree was given; add the 70 weeks of Daniel or (70 yrs.), brings us to 2017-2018.

    *** Note that the signaling of both Daniel’s “time” and Israel’s was the “decree” that is established; that decree in our “time” was Nov. 29th 1947.
    Understanding that we must use the Hebraic calendar and not the Gregorian; this was accomplished in the “same year”…

    We have just ended a Jubilee year and begun a new cycle; and immediately we have received a new Ruler in a Kingdom of Babylon; Trump, a man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, portraying himself as the Man with the Answers for the country…

    I am very certain that if this Nov.29th/16 a decree is given concerning Israel by NATO to split Jerusalem and set up a 2 state format; it will start the last 7yr. clock of the End of Days.

    Adding the 7yrs. brings us to 2023…

    I Understand that things are going to get so bad here that His people are going to have to leave;

    …And thereby have an Exodus

    Remember what Yeshua taught, that the Homeowner was not watching because he knew the hour but because he knew the “time”; or more accurately the “season”

    ….. A time to build up; and a time to tear down… no one knows the hour or the day; but we do know the season if we are redeeming the “time”

    Children of Light we are; not of Darkness… let us all make sure we have plenty of oil for our lamps; for the days have come where Darkness “has come” upon the land and, gross Darkness is covering the people/nations…

    Shalom, shalom

  2. Bruce & Victoria Olson says:

    Bill …. Shalom

    In Gen 15, YHWH made a covenant with Aḇram concerning His promise of “Do not be afraid, Aḇram…. I am your shield, your reward is exceedingly great.” This reward consisted of the Land that is given to Yisrael. Then in verse 17, this everlasting covenant was sealed in blood:

    Gen 15:17 And it came to be, when the sun went down and it was dark, that see, a smoking oven and a burning torch passing between those pieces.

    We are so thankful that Abram was set on the side and placed into a deep sleep while YHWH / Yahushua passed between the pieces. Yahushua took Abram’s place as one of the parties walking through the pieces of the blood covenant. Then just a little over two thousand years later, Yahushua carried out the terms of this covenant by death on the torture stake because we, the seed of Abram, did not carried meet our obligation regarding the terms of this covenant.

    Praise YHWH

  3. JAIME says:


    An unction I need to address…

    Surely we have all had inclinations of things which we feel the Lord is trying to communicate to us; whether it may be in a song one might hear on the radio, or an obscure statement made by an unknown, or a friend, but somehow directly connects to your specific situation…

    The senses started tingling for me when I noticed the timing of certain events coming into existence of a secular nature with a biblical theme…
    Folks may think this to be on the fringes of the ridiculous; but consider that if the Lord can use a gentile King of Babylon to do his bidding, this is a no brainer, at least for me…

    In the past 2 yrs. there have been 2 films which have been produced by Hollywood to make money of course, and sway the general mindset of most Christians who do not truly “know” the Word or it’s infallibility in Truth…

    The first film was NOAH, a film so despicable I could only sit through barely a fourth of it….

    The second film is EXODUS, of Kings and Prophets; though this film I could actually sit through, yet as twisted and bent as Hollywood itself when it comes to any aroma of biblical truth or accuracy…

    ….Yet to a child of God; these titles speak volumes of biblical truth…

    So I ask you; is God causing to bring back to minds and hearts a recollection of “Truths” buried so deep in history that they have lost their bearing in the modern age ?

    In my Understanding; Yes…. to those who are lukewarm and godless, these films are either a delusion or a stirring out of a slumber…

    But to His people it is a message of “that which is now, has already been; and that which has been done, is that which shall be”… in other words……. a “Cycle”, for we know there is nothing new under the Sun…

    Still think this is far reaching ?

    God’s people know we live in what is prophetically known as the “end of days” or “end of the age”, or “end time”..

    God’s people know and understand that it is God who rules in the Kingdom of Men; and sets in power whom He will, correct ?

    God’s people also know that the book of Revelation is all about Angels sounding Trumpets to initiate a specified time/season upon the Kingdom of Men, correct ?

    So what does it say to you when the Lord sets up a Ruler in the most powerful empire in human history whose name is “TRUMP” ; given all the signs that have given us the understanding we now live in the “end of days” ?

    Do you hear O’ Israel ?

    Shalom, shalom…

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