Torah Portion – Mattot (B’midbar 30:1 – 32:42)

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Shalom everyone. This is our commentary on the Torah portion, Mattot. As this portion begins, it focuses on the sacredness of vows. This principle becomes very important as the portion unfolds for the tribes of Reuben and Gad. We also see in the war against Midian that Israel must learn the importance of destroying that which would destroy you before its too late. Enjoy. Approximately 40 minutes.



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Torah Portion - Mattot
This is Bill's commentary on the Torah portion, Mattot. In this portion, we learn of the sacredness of vows. A vow or oath uttered by a person is so important that, once made, the person is bound to keep it as surely as he would a commandment from the Creator. This principle becomes evident at the end of the portion when the tribes of Reuben and Gad request to remain on the eastern bank of the Jordan. In the war against Midian, Israel learns the importance of destroying anything (or in this case, anybody) that would destroy you first. If a cancer threatens the entire body the cancer must be removed. Approximately 40 minutes.
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    Amazing (and timely) Parsha given what is going on in The Land this week, but then, God’s timing is always impeccable, isn’t it?

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