Torah Portion – Re’eh (D’varim 11:26 – 16:17)

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Shalom. This is the (lengthy) commentary on Re'eh - "to see." There was so much material in this portion - the Place where He sets His Name, false prophets and lying signs as well as the Year of Release - that I couldn't limit it to the typical 60 - 90 minute format. As you can "see" there are three parts. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it and glean from it as much as I did. (Approximately 2:30 hours)








Re'eh Outline PDF


Torah Portion: Re'eh
This is Bill's audio commentary on the portion, Re'eh - "to see." In this teaching Bill develops the need to "see" that obeying God's instructions is equivalent to blessing. Likewise, disobedience results in an inherent curse - not because God curses people but because they curse themselves by rebelling. We also see that God brought Israel into the Land at the very spot that Abraham entered the Land that we can "see" that the God of Israel is faithful to perform His Word and asks that His people be faithful to keep His commands. Other items that are covered are:
  • The importance of the Central Sanctuary.
  • Prohibition against private altars.
  • Criteria for a true prophet.
  • Much more.
(Approximately 2:30 hours)
Price: $6.00


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  1. Nancy Hubbard says:

    Bill…in Chapter 13, verse 18 b. Reminiscent of Judges 7…should it not be Joshua 7? Judges 7 is about Gideon. Shalom.

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