Torah Portion: Vayeshev (B’reshiyt 37:1 – 40:23)

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Shalom! This is my commentary on the portion Vayeshev - "and he dwelt." In this portion, Joseph goes down into Egypt to serve Potiphar, only to be thrown into jail, falsely accused. Yet, we see the Hand of the Creator at work by giving dreams to two men in prison so that Joseph might be positioned to step into his purpose. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 85 minutes.




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Torah Portion - Vayeshev
This is Bill's commentary on the portion, Vayeshev - "and he dwelt." In this portion, the favored son, Joseph, gains insight into his destiny through dreams. Youthful immaturity and indiscretion result in being separated from his family at the hands of his brothers. Upon arriving in Egypt, he quickly attains success only to be thrown into another pit - all because he did the right thing. In the end, we see that it had to happen for the sake of Israel. Suffering must come before the glory. Some of the highlights:
  • How Josephs' rejection parallels the Messiah's.
  • Joseph, the lost sheep.
  • How Judah is repaid "measure for measure."
  • Much more - approximately 85 minutes.

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6 Responses to Torah Portion: Vayeshev (B’reshiyt 37:1 – 40:23)

  1. Susan Helvey says:

    Welcome back ! Glad your better.

  2. Glenn Elder says:

    Hi Bill,

    Sorry I didnt know werent feeling well. Thank you as always, you really breakdown the Torah Portion. The last part about the prophetic purpose is really awesome. I try to get people to see that they really need to check out your Torah Portions they will learn so much.

    Thank you

  3. Paul Kliman says:

    What a wonderful lesson. I loved all the types and shadows of the messiah.

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