Torah Portion: Vayetze (B’reshiyt 28:10 – 32:2)

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This is my commentary on the torah portion Vayetze - "And he went out." This parsha details Jacob's journey into Padam-aram and his time spent under the oppression of Laban. This also tells of the origins of eleven of the twelve tribes and how they will be guarded and defended by the Messiah.  Hope you enjoy! Approximately 2 hours.




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Torah Portion - Vayetze
This is Bill's commentary on the torah portion Vayetze - "And he went out." This sidrah tells of Jacob's flight from Esau into Padam-aram. On the way, he encounters God at Beth-el, where he sets up a particular stone as "the house of God." As you will learn, this stone portrays the Messiah and demonstrates how He is the one who watches over the "heads" (tribes of Israel). Other Highlights
  • The Even Ha'shetiyah
  • What the ascending and descending angels represent.
  • Leah's perceived weakness and Rachel's perceived strength
  • The hints of the future Regathering of the Exiles.
  • Approximately 2 hours

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9 Responses to Torah Portion: Vayetze (B’reshiyt 28:10 – 32:2)

  1. Craig & Jennifer says:


    We really enjoyed your teaching on the Torah portion VaYetze. Thank you so much for your continued dedication to teaching His Word.

    I wanted to share one additional thought regarding the flocks of Laban, and Jacob’s use of the peeled sticks of poplar, almond and plane trees in the drinking water. Dietary influence on genetic expression (i.e., epigenetics) has recently been shown to have a much more dramatic impact than previously thought. There are a couple of very good articles linked below relating to this topic. As the Discover Magazine article details, altering the mother’s diet in mice can impact coat color and physical characteristics of the offspring. Interestingly, methyl group donors represent one of the key chemical constituents of the bark Jacob used in the drinking water of the flocks. These methyl donors are one of the key genetic “switches” in epigenetics. Could it be that the vision that Jacob describes in Gen 31:11-13 was YHVH’s revelation to Jacob regarding epigenetics?

    This Torah portion just points me again to the fact that our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (and all the way back to Adam), had an immense amount of knowledge. We consider ourselves so much more intelligent today, but I think we have deceived ourselves. There is much that we do not understand, but thankfully YHVH is beginning to reveal these things to His people as He calls us to return to Him.

    Craig Nordhausen, PhD

  2. Rocky Jackson says:

    Totally Awesome ….again.

  3. says:

    Bill, after that wonderful explanation above, I feel pretty ignorant asking, but somehow I have missed WHY Rachael stole her father’s idols. Sounds from her profile like it could be anything from simple petulance to
    thinking she was “helping”, but since she stole them and didn’t destroy them, that doesn’t seem as likely. (Sometimes I catch all the wonderful nuances of the message and miss some of the broad strokes!)

    • Bill says:

      Jay I really don’t know why she stole them – it doesn’t say. Maybe she thought she was getting back at him. I really don’t have the answer to that question. Sorry.

    • Nancy Mari says:

      From comments in the NLT Study Bible: “These idols were called ‘teraphim’, and they were thought to protect the home and offer advice in times of need. They had legal significance as well, for when they were passed on to an heir, the person who received them could rightfully claim the greatest part of the family inheritance. Most likely Rachel stole her father’s idols because she was afraid Laban would consult them and learn where she and Jacob had gone, or perhaps she wanted to claim the family inheritance.”

  4. Christina Michas says:

    Great teaching!! I love the detail as it really adds to a deeper understanding!! Todah!! Shalom

  5. JAIME says:


    Bill, there is something wrong with this track, it will not let me go back or forwards, it just resets all the way back to the beginning…

    Very frustrating, it makes it impossible to recapture and review any immediate wisdom or thought….

    Shalom, shalom

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