Torah Portion: Vayigash (B’reshiyt 44:18 – 47:27)

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Shalom! Here is our commentary on the portion Vayigash - "And he approached." This is one of the most prophetic portions in all of Scripture for it tells of the one who was despised by his brethren, only to be revealed to them in a time of life-threatening crisis. It also marks the beginning of Israel's sojourn in Egypt. Much to glean from this sidrah. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 75 minutes.



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Torah Portion - Vayigash
This is Bill's commentary on the portion, Vayigash - "and he approached." In all of the Torah, there is perhaps no other portion that speaks so prophetically as this one. In this sidrah, the rejected one, Joseph, now ruler of Egypt, reveals himself to his despairing brothers. In short, he is effectively "resurrected" before their very eyes and, as a result, all of Israel is saved. There is so much in this teaching that a summary here is nearly impossible. Some highlights:
  • How Judah typifies Messiah (yes, Judah).
  • How Goshen symbolizes the "place prepared of God" in Revelation 12.
  • Why the Egyptian sojourn had to happen.
  • Much more - approximately 75 minutes.

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5 Responses to Torah Portion: Vayigash (B’reshiyt 44:18 – 47:27)

  1. Glen Grove says:

    I am happy to see you are feeling better,Hope family is doing well,we will continue to pray.I hope this does not sound corny (but) my wife and I go over your Torah potions and teachings.Hearing from you at least once a week is like , waiting in anticipation to here from a Good friend, that lifts you up, and inspires. From my family to yours, may Yah bless you and your family in all that you do. Thank You

  2. Darlene says:

    I am glad you are feeling well enough to do this Bill. I am once again enlightened by your insights into this portion. One thing that really jumped out at me and will be a source of my own study and search for the coming weeks is that this story is also significant of the elements that need to be present to bring unity. Could it be that true unity is only formed when ones individual “calling” or purpose finally dissolves into the whole? I see that the brothers wept when they realized the “nature” of Joseph. In other words his forgiving, loving and humble nature as compared to previously when they “saw” him as arrogant and “special” among them. It seems their response to him was influenced or caused by his demeanor towards them. Were they looking for that previous Joseph to ask them to bow down to him? Was he in turn looking for the same brothers that betrayed him? In these end days (or full circle days as I like to call them), won’t the individual dissolve into the whole of His purpose for mankind?

    I am finding out in my own life that perspective is everything. We perceive many things to be unjust, unloving, etc. We perceive wrongs being done to us and we build walls of protection trying not to be betrayed or hurt again. We can even do this with Our Heavenly Father. Not only is this portion about redemption, resurrection and a beautiful picture of the Father’s will at work. I believe it also alludes to coming (or being brought) to a place of perfect trust. If we trust Him above all else, the betrayals and unloving acts become building blocks of His Kingdom. A Kingdom where love will be supreme.

    It seems the dissolving of our personal purpose or individuality is the most final death of all, but yet in reality it must happen for true unity to emerge. We see in this story that all played a part in the plan, We also see that the “stick” that becomes ONE only does so “in Yah’s hand”. We have finally come to a place of exalting His purposes over our own individual part in it. The formation of this inward reality can feel and look like the VERY contradiction of what it truly is (like it did with Joseph). This can dishearten and delude many.

    Thanks so much again, just some food for thought and possible topic of discussion?? There is so much in this portion. It would take many times to listen to catch all that you have given us.


    • Bill says:

      As always Darlene you have posted thoughts that resonate within me. It would seem the Father orchestrated events designed to melt the hardness and distrust on both sides. Leads me to believe He will do it again. Shalom.

  3. Ely Hernandez says:

    Shalom Bill…great teaching!…Hope to see you again soon…”Shadrach Meshach and abednego”(inside joke)

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