Torah Portion: Vayishlach (B’reshiyt: 32:3 – 36:43)

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Shalom! This is my commentary on the portion Vayishlach - "and he sent." In this portion, Jacob prepares to enter Canaan but not before he first encounters his adversary, Esau. Yet, before this meeting, Jacob must struggle with God and be "born again" as Israel. Approximately 100 minutes.





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Torah Portion - Vayishlach
This is Bill's commentary on the portion, Vayishlach - "and he sent." In this portion, Jacob prepares to enter Canaan but must first encounter his adversary, Esau. Before encountering Esau, though, he must first struggle with God. It is here that Jacob becomes Israel. Some of the highlights:
  • Jacob "born again" as Israel and begins a distinctive walk.
  • Joseph, the last son of Israel to encounter Esau.
  • Esau's kiss.
  • Much more - approximately 95 minutes.

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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    Best ever! Prophetic in every way!

  2. miketz elkins says:

    Shalom Bill,
    It is quiet amusing to me that some of the Jewish commentators treat Jacob’s struggle with G-d as just being some kind of prophetic vision or dream. Pray tell me how do they explain Jacob’s limping afterwards if it was just a vision? Must have been one heck of vision to displace a hip, that’s all I can say. Shalom Gary

  3. miketz elkins says:

    To think logically and rationally can be a good thing but when people go overboard they tend to throw common sense out the door. As Forest Hump would say, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Shalom Shalom.

  4. miketz elkins says:

    Gump. So much for these new devices with spell checking lol.

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