Torah Portion – Vayikra (Vayikra 1:1 – 6:7)

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This is a teaching on the parsha Vay'yikra - "And He called." This sidrah establishes a connection between the process to construct the mishkan with the necessary procedures to sustain the mishkan as it was intended to be - the place where His Presence would reside in the midst of His people.

This teaching emphasizes the tutor aspect of the sacrificial system, specifically, in that the offerings (korban) were to expose those who had a heart to draw near unto the Creator. Furthermore these voluntary offerings revealed the people who were willing to devote themselves completely to God and submit unto Him as a bondservant. Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 120 minutes)


Part 1


Part 2


Vay'yikra Outline PDF


Torah Portion: Vay'yikra
This is a teaching on the parsha Vay'yikra - "And He called." This sidrah shows how the book of Leviticus - the instructions to the priests - is a logical and necessary continuation of the revelation given at Sinai. These voluntary offerings taught the people of Israel how they were to approach the Almighty that He might continue to dwell in their midst. This teaching emphasizes the tutor aspect of the sacrificial system, specifically, in that the Giver of Life did not desire blood as means of satisfying His anger but, to the contrary, desired to see who of His people were willing to submit themselves to His will and draw near unto their God. The blood was not to satiate a cruel God's bloodlust but was lovingly and mercifully given to man upon the altar as "atonement for your soul." Some of the teaching highlights include:
  • The korban and its relationship to Adam.
  • The voluntary offerings and the call to be a son.
  • The offering for Ha'Kohen ha'Mashiach.
  • Much more!
(Approximately 2 hours)
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  1. JAIME says:


    Here is my shekel on the above interesting comments…

    Consider that the Heart of the Lord is Love, Mercy & Righteous Judgement…

    Does not Scripture declare; “I desire Mercy and Judgement, and NOT SACRIFICE” ?

    “Six days shalt thou work”, establishes the framework for man to labor unto himself and profit from them…

    The 7th day is set aside for the Lord. Whether you rest or find yourself in a situation laboring for the Lord; both are sanctified…

    Did not the Lord establish labor of good deeds on the Sabbath as being righteousness ?

    If on the Sabbath I happen along someone in immediate need of help which would require me to labor; am I not mandated to assist, even if that person happens to be a “walking dead” (“unbeliever” John 3:16) even though they may be an enemy ?

    Of course I am…

    If not then I would have profaned the Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath…

    Righteous Judgement can only be achieved by filtering all of life’s situations through the Torah…

    Trust the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge (ask) Him and He shall direct thy paths..

    it is the Spirit of Truth that will lead you; if you receive and unction to act, will you ?
    The choice is always yours, and those who have that Spirit awareness will answer in Righteous Judgement…

    Or else how will thou face God, O’ Worm; when you approach to light a candle for the Lord on the Sabbath, seeing that YOUR SAVIOR labored to heal the sick on the Sabbath and you turned a blind eye to one in need, especially on His Holy Day ?

    Once again the duality of Scripture is revealed… after all; were not the Priests laboring on the Sabbath; even more so on the Moedim ?

    Shalom, shalom.

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