Torah Portion – V’et chanan (D’varim 3:23 – 7:11)

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Shalom everyone. This is our commentary on the portion called V'etchanan. This sidrah covers quite a few topics including the prohibition not to mingle with the inhabitants of the Land and Israel's creed to live by - the Sh'ma. Approximately 1:40.



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Torah Portion - V'etchanan
This is Bill's commentary on the Torah portion, V'et chanan. In this portion, Moses emphasizes the responsibility given to Israel not to mingle what is holy with what is profane. He does this through the instruction not to add to or take away from God's Word; through the instruction not to mingle with the inhabitants of the Land or make treaties with them. This is critical for Israel to honor for the LORD is a jealous God. Also contained in this portion is the first part of the Sh'ma. A lot of rich teaching included in this portion. Approximately 100 minutes.
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  1. miketz elkins says:

    Shalom Bill,

    Just a few short comments here. The first is the possibility of a middah ke-neged middah (measure for measure) principle within Moses petition to be able to go into the Land. The Holy One (Blessed is He) says “enough” on the matter and why so? You might say in a midrashic fashion that The Holy One says to Moses because you (Moses) didn’t listen to me when I told you to speak to the rock, I (The Holy One) will now not listen to you in regard to this matter so don’t ask any longer. This may beg the question in our own petitions. Answered prayer very well could depend on how well we listen (shema) to Him. Secondly, it’s interesting that the Jewish reckoning is that the 1st of the 10 words is more of a declaration than an actual commandment which seems in fact to be correct. If this is the case it certainly makes a lot of sense, and why do I say this? The first of the 10 words “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery” is a declaration of G-d’s sovereignty and His choosing of Israel and all the rest to follow is man’s responsibility in relationship to this.

  2. miketz elkins says:

    Based on my former comments Bill, the ” Israel of G-d” would then be defined as those who accept G-d’s sovereignty and the “yoke” of His kingship which would be His commandments. To further elaborate on the yoke of His kingship, it would also include faith and acceptance of the Lordship of His Messiah Who implores us to take His yoke upon us. In my mind it would be impossible to accept the yoke of His kingdom without accepting “the Head” of His kingdom. Shabbat Shalom

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