Torah Portion: Yitro (Shemot 18:1- 20:26)

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This is our commentary on the portion Yitro - "Jethro." This portion takes its name from Moses' father-in-law who offers Moses some sage advice. In this portion we also see the calling of the nation of Israel to be light to the nations of the world and the contract - Ten Commands - given to them. A lengthy study; hope you enjoy. Approximately 3hrs.



Yitro-Part 1 PDF



Yitro - Part 2 PDF



Torah Portion - Yitro
This is Bill's commentary on the portion Yitro - "Jethro." This portion takes its name from Moses' father-in-law who offered his son-in-law some very wise advice. In this portion, Israel is called to be a kingdom of priests and a holy people in order to be a light to the nations. As such, they are not to live like the nations and are, therefore, given the Ten Commandments as an outline of how to conduct themselves in their relationship with God and with their fellow man. Some of the highlights are:
  • The role of outsiders in the Restoration.
  • Importance of the eagles' wings.
  • What is the first command given?
  • The covenant aspect of Sinai.
  • Much more. Approximately 2:50

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4 Responses to Torah Portion: Yitro (Shemot 18:1- 20:26)

  1. Connie Depper says:

    Thanks for YITRO….. consider could the 2 tablets be considered the Ketuba (can’t spell} (marriage contract with a copy for the Bride and a copy for the Bridegroom? That was brought up in Shepherd Gleanings for this Torah Study. May God continue to Bless, Protect and Provide for you and your family as your Sharing so blesses ours. Abiding in Yeshua Connie

  2. JAIME says:

    There is so much Manna here…..

    The revelatory understanding you state concerning the 70 tongues of fire appearing when the Lord spoke, is to me; Extremely “AWESOME”….. …… the reason is, that it makes a couple of other precepts very clear…. not unlike a puzzle piece that has been missing…. What I speak of is the “BAPTISM OF FIRE” that John the Baptist spoke of…..
    My so called wrestling time with “Watered down”shepherds brought out a hunger and desire for “this particular” baptism…. (be careful what you ask for..)
    Taking into account that the Word of God is a consuming fire; the definition of drawing near to the Lord “IS” to have him cleanse us…. as you’ve eluded to before, that drawing near is the death of us….
    “Unless a kernel of wheat fall into the ground…..” ?
    This Water & Fire baptism to me also seems to have implications of the the Flood, & the Fire that is coming as well….
    Note that it is John the Baptist aka: ELIJAH….. stating this…, given your teachings this is very “specific” statement being given…
    Imagine me thinking that the tornados, tsunami’s, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. in my life have been that “Fire Baptism” I asked for…..; Hah……… (Is there a sod here?)

    When it really is the “WORD OF GOD”….. that melts the Stone in our hearts with His “Holy Fire”….. so he can create a new one….
    How does one cleanse a Field ?

    Thanks for the missing puzzle piece…. Shalom.

  3. JAIME says:


    To those who wonder how and when the Exodus will take place and all the other “written” promises; allow me to present my understanding…

    “There is nothing new under the Sun” ! ! !

    So, I ask you, how can it be any different, when you add the precept that neither a jot or tittle will pass away before the Heavens and the Earth….

    So…. Do you walk like an Egyptian, or like an Israelite ?

    Shalom, Shalom

  4. JAIME says:


    Part II:

    I also understand that not taking the Lord’s name in vain has a greater implication than that of the obvious… Not taking the Lord’s “authority” is also included in the duality of this Commandment. For with God casting out devils and healing and all manner of works are not just done by the name of the Lord, but by “His Authority”. Especially if one considers that the Lord’s NAME are various “titles describing His attributes”…

    The other point I would like to share is that of keeping the Sabbath which is not just a rehearsal of self discipline in honoring God and His “authority”; but also for me at least, a rehearsal of the coming Great Sabbath whereas those who keep it will be a “separate and special people” and all that it implies…
    In my understanding those who honor the “Authority” of the Sabbath will be specifically honored by receiving rulership authority over the nations…
    As I understand it; just as there is a hierarchy within the angelic ranks so too will there be a hierarchy among His people, and keeping the Sabbath Holy is a prerequisite that sets a “peculiar people” apart…

    Though some would question this view, I would ask you to examine for yourselves who would be placed in a position of greater honor; one who has kept it holy, or one who has not…

    Shalom, shalom

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