Unto One Flesh (Video & Audio)

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Here are four of our GLC (God's Learning Channel) programs. In these programs we address the concept of "Unto One Flesh" and what that means prophetically. These programs can be found on Disc 2 of Volume 3 in our "Big Picture" DVD series. I hope you enjoy. (Approximately 2 hrs.)

P.S. If your internet speed will not allow you to view the teachings, I have included the audio files at the bottom of the post.







Unto One Flesh
In this two part series, Bill will take the listener through the Scriptures to see how God has, from the very beginning, revealed to us what "the restoration of all things" is and how it will be accomplished. Beginning at the dawn of Creation and examining the union of the first man and woman, Bill will explore the hidden treasure of the Hebrew text and explain why we can be certain this restoration is occurring in our day. Furthermore, Bill will detail the ramifications of this Restoration for believers in Messiah.
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  1. Darlene says:

    Did the woman take the place of “judging” what was good rather than letting the “Tree of Life,” the commandments of YHVH reign supreme or rule her. Did she use reasoning from her weaker side (compassion, desire for relationship) and covet that fruit THINKING it would bring her closer to her Elohim: maybe even closer than her husband? This is very interesting to me and speaks volumes about the defiled bride: in her defilement, believing herself to be “closer” to Him than she really is. The enemy has done this thing! THE SERPENT has done this thing.

    Yahshua said to the woman, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to the Father.” He did not let the relationship or love of His bride take the place of His purpose in the Father, His position. Then He instructs her to go to His disciples (His government) and tell them He has risen. At the same time the fact that she was tested, her relationship with Her Beloved was tested. The scriptures say, she waited…she rested on the Sabbath. She entered back through the door of not judging what was good or not good, but trusting that His commandments WERE good, she rested on the Sabbath. When all was lost, when the most important thing to her was lost, Her Messiah was gone; she still obeyed. Her piece or part was restored, she became a witness to the resurrection. He appeared to her first, to be a witness to the disciples. A witness to the relationship, she was at the tomb weeping. That had become what was most important to her.

    Adam’s weakness was also evident in that his love of the “earthly” relationship over His love of YHVH took preeminence. This explains quite fully the reversal back from the fall. The men were waiting on the power that would come upon them. They were waiting on the kingdom to manifest, that was their focus; authority restored. The message from Mary was this, “He has risen.” The relationship is not dead, it is raised up. It is now resurrection life, it is about the eternal NOT the earthly. That is why the authority is given in the first place. Adam, I understand now. I understand why the authority of the living Torah must be restored.

    Thank you for this four part series Bill. I am always stirred and blessed by your teachings. The pieces of the puzzle that you work into the word are amazing. The puzzle is the ONE NEW MAN. This is obviously just a recap in my own mind of what you have already taught here. I find it very significant that the scripture most used by the woman is “Judge not that you be not judged.” This is a favorite to be quoted every time the word is presented in a light of “CHOOSE life” or in answer to any true prophet calling for repentance, warning or correction. In my own life it can be my own weak excuses that oppose what I know to be true. All along it was Eve’s wrong judgment that caused her to determine that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil had fruit that was “good.” Any comments on this? Doesn’t she need the prophet again? The spirit of Elijah. The fullness of her redemption is to return to the living Torah and the authority of the prophet will point the way.

  2. Tyler Rosenquist says:

    I wish you had a Roku channel 🙂

  3. gospelgranny says:

    Bill – any trips to Israel planned this year. 10 people in Henderson NV 89002 that would like you go with them.

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