What Do I Still Lack?

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Shalom everyone. Well, here's another message that I intended to edit and make available but found that it would be just as easy to provide you the YouTube link provided by the congregation where I spoke.

This message was recorded earlier this month (May 2014) and is truly what's on my heart currently. I realize that it might generate a lot of questions but I hope that it speaks to your heart as well.

Approximately 1:45. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    Hi Bill! This is Ann. This breech- I have a study I received after our trip to Israel. You talked about the breech- going with the flow. The opposite is recoiling, and rejecting this move. Lack of the Holy Spirit’s control in our lives cause us to miss this gathering. This is why you have such a crucial message at this time. You, being controlled by the Holy Spirit, are hearing clearly and accurately. Your humility is making your vessel prime, and your wife’s undying focus to pray for you, and sing and dance on your behalf, provides the blood on the horns necessary for the task given you. 11 Sam. 22 He is forming the army!
    Amen Brother!

  2. JAIME says:


    There is another underlying “understanding” I have in the parable of the Good Samaritan I would like to share with you Bill…. you may already know this…..

    The first two; the Cohen and Levite were actually unable give life to the dying man as the only thing they could do was to “cover” his sin/death and not remove it.
    The Samaritan (Yeshua) journeys and pours out Oil (Holy Spirit), and Wine (Blood) upon the man, leaves the man at an Inn Keeper (Shepherd/ Pastor) AND gives him a couple of Denarius (Gifts) and tells him: after 2-DAYS he will return and repay him for the extra care…
    After 2 days….., is THE THIRD DAY…….

    Allow me to point out that pouring in Oil and Wine on someone has never been used in the practice to give aid to a man who has been beaten and left for dead..


  3. Jean Herviska says:

    Bill. This is a great message my friend. Are you going to offer it thru your store as I would like a copy of it to show to my Chuvarah group.
    Boy I wish the prophet was welcomed in his old city. Sure wish you would come here to speak. Going over tonight to Sanctuary to hear my Rabbi talk about Shavuot.

    • Bill says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Jean; maybe one day I’ll make it down to Deland to speak. As far as availability for purchase, we are working on that now. We’ll keep you posted. Shalom.

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