Who Do YOU Say That I Am?

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Bill's recent teaching raising some interesting and though-provoking points.

Have we put Yeshua and the Gospel on the back-burner? Bill gives a powerful and timely message on getting our priorities straight as followers of the Messiah. "You have stayed long enough at this mountain" (Deut. 1:6). It's time to move. It's time to fight!

Hope you enjoy.

3 Responses to Who Do YOU Say That I Am?

  1. Helen Burroughs says:

    Bill – I can’t express how strongly I agree with this word. We have totally lost the point in all of this and I for one am feeling increasingly frustrated. The point should be Yeshua and Him alone. We walk in His footsteps because of what He did for us. That is what the world should be seeing. Thank you for sharing what the Father is saying, I believe with utmost urgency, in this time. Shalom

  2. JAIME says:


    Excellent message Muchacho…

    The constant “chatter” of the World is meant to keep the “children of God” annoyed, wearied, and silent… but more than that… in the “Spiritual Reality” of the “chatter”… death is being spoken; is it not ?

    That is the sole greatest ignorant error the people of God commit, in my lowly Understanding….


    And with an Adversary Twist, if nonsense chatter can infect the people of God…. then look around you and see it’s fruit…

    Does not Torah mandate that a man shall eat from the “fruit of his lips”… ?

    I will bring to remembrance that April 1948, ISRAEL was “reborn”….. add 70yrs. of generations, and it’s 2018.

    If you haven’t done so; it’s time to “Oil your Armor”…

    Shalom, shalom

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