Wisdom of Hebrew: Gimel

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Shalom everyone. These teachings are from a series called The Wisdom of Hebrew that I first made available on audio tape back in 2001. Several years ago, I decided to remove this teaching series from our website for several reasons; the primary one being that some of my conclusions made then had changed over time. However, many people have written over the years asking that I bring this teaching back. So, I am in the process of editing all twenty-four sessions and will be posting them as they are completed.

These teachings were inspired by several means. The first was a conversation I had in 1992 with an Israeli friend of mine, Amnon Shor, about the Hebrew word bara - "He created" and its cryptic message concerning the Godhead. That conversation led me to read a variety of rabbinical writings and commentaries about the Hebrew language. During my journey for more information on Hebrew, I stumbled upon two books that helped me a great deal. They are, The Alef-Beit: Jewish Thought Revealed Through the Hebrew Letters by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh and The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Michael L. Munk.

I gleaned a lot of information from these two works, much of which is reflected in these teachings and, so, I must credit these gentlemen for their fine scholarship. That being said, although I was fascinated by their insights and conclusions, I also disagreed with them on many points, namely when it came to the role and identity of the Messiah. So, I set out to show how Jewish perceptions concerning the Hebrew alphabet ultimately pointed to the Messiah and, in my opinion, revealed Y'shua of Nazareth as the Messiah. That became the focus of this study and remains so today.

As I developed this teaching, in order to properly reveal the source and logic of Judaism's conclusions, it became necessary to refer to certain teachings in Judaism that some find problematic, namely Kabbalah. As I explain in the teachings themselves, this is not an attempt to promote Kabbalah or any other mystic teaching - I simply share their perspective of things. It is, however, no fault of mine or anyone else that Kabbalah does, in many instances, incorporate aspects of the Word that are true; not because Kabbalah teaches it but because the Scripture does. Furthermore, the Kabbalah we refer to is not the Madonna-type Kabbalah you hear so much about today, e.g. astral projection, numerology and amulets. In my humble estimation, like so many things, the pure desire to know more of and about our Creator, being revealed to us by His Spirit, was hijacked by those who sought to do it through temporal means, namely their intellect.

None of this information is intended to make excuses for the teaching or steer you away from it but it is intended to alert you to the fact that, in my opinion, these recordings are not for the drive-by theologian - they are intended to enhance the understanding of the well-grounded believer. So then, once you have listened, compare what I say to what the Word says. Obviously, I wouldn't post them if I didn't think they were edifying; in fact, I believe that, once you have gone through these sessions, you will be further convinced of the richness of the Hebrew language and know beyond any doubt that, from the beginning, the Word of God - including the language it was written in - points us to Y'shua as the Messiah.

This third session examines the Hebrew letter gimel in name, form and value. This letter, in a sense, is a fusion of the first two and, thus, portrays the concept of unity and strength, particularly as demonstrated by its value - 3. Approximately 50 minutes.




WOH Session 3 - Gimel PDF



Wisdom of Hebrew: Gimel
This is the third of twenty-four sessions in our Wisdom of Hebrew series. These sessions were first made available in 2001 but have been edited for re-release. This session examines the third of the Hebrew letters, gimel. Approximately 50 minutes. Download Note: We appreciate your support and hope you get enjoyment from this teaching. We respectively request that you please refrain from posting this teaching on other websites and social media including Facebook and YouTube. We also request that you do not reproduce these teachings on DVD or CD for unauthorized distribution. You may reproduce these teachings for the following exceptions:
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    I can’t even begin to express how “timely” this info has come to me personally…..Thank you so much for bringing these teachings back…. I await with earnest anticipation for the “truths” to be revealed in this divine language called Hebrew…. “The Language of Crossing Over”…..


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