Esau’s War on Jacob

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This audio series was recorded during our November 2010 Yeshivat sessions. In these recordings we read and discuss the Torah portion Toledot (Gen. 25:19 - 28:9) which describes the unique birth and prophetic characteristics of Esau and Jacob. As the teaching develops, we see the seeds of enmity grow between the two and understand why they would never be able to co-exist. Furthermore, in the evening session, we see that what began long ago in Genesis has carried over into our day as described in Psalm 83. Complete descriptions and downloadable files of these teachings are found below and in our Digital Store. Be watching for more of our Yeshivat sessions to be posted in the future. Enjoy! (Approximately 3 hours)








Yeshivat HaShoresh (Nov 2010)
The word "Yeshivat" comes from the root word that means "to sit down". Thus a yeshivah is a place to sit down and learn. Our goal is to develop a meeting format that will resemble a Yeshivah or Hebrew School in which the participants can learn skills that will enable them to better study the Scripture from a Hebraic point of view. These meetings include a teaching and midrash (discussion) on that week's Torah portion and a relative teaching on a timely topic--all by Bill Cloud. In our November 2010 Yeshivat Torah session, the parsha was Toledot. This sidrah gives us the beginning of the story of Esau and Jacob and details the reason for the ongoing strife between their descendants - physical and spiritual. We discussed, at length, the true nature of both and how they have been largely mischaracterized. Many presume Esau to be a victim of the deceiver and supplanter Jacob. However, the Scripture shows that, in fact, Esau is the deceiver and accuser of his brother. Jacob, on the other hand, is the one destined for greatness but who has to defend himself from the attack of his adversary Esau. So much information was shared during this teaching that we don't have enough space to detail it all but we are confident you will enjoy each minute of this teaching. In our evening session we continued with the theme of Esau and Jacob and discussed how Edom's (Esau) animosity towards Jacob continues to this day and how it plays out prophetically. Specifically we addressed prophecies found in Ezekiel 35 (a prophecy against Mt. Seir or Edom) and a prophecy found in Psalm 83. In this Psalm, the major antagonists toward Israel are listed, the first two being mentioned are Edom and Ishmael. It is interesting then to accentuate just what these two have in common - a belief that Israel stole from them something that was never theirs in the first place. This is a fascinating topic that has great relevance for those of us who have been grafted in because the prophecy declares that this confederacy wishes to destroy the "hidden ones." Much, much more is covered in this teaching.
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